On the steps of Giuliano Mauri

The bridge of San Vigilio Padernello and Franciacorta


The visit starts from the northern end of Franciacorta, on the border with Lake Iseo, to discover the natural reserve “Torbiere del Sebino” , considered a peculiar area for biodiversity in the Lombardy Po Valley.
We will be greeted by an expert guide who will accompany us to explore the typical flora and fauna and geology that characterizes this reserve. On foot we will approach one of the cellars in this area to taste what the typical terroir transfers to the wines produced.
The tour continues towards Borgo San Giacomo, the small rural settlement that frames the Padernello Castle.
An excellent lunch in one of the local inns to discover the typical Brescia cuisine; later thanks to the narration of the guide, we will visit the interior of the walls of the Padernello Castle dating back to the fifteenth century, immersed in the green meadows of the Po Valley, surrounded by long white roads.
A pleasant walk divides us from the Bridge ofSan Vigilio, immersed in the peaceful rural landscape surrounding the Castle.
A work of art that lives in its own harmony, in a subtle balance between the natural and the built landscape. There, accompanied by the guide, we will retrace all the evolutionary stages of this evocative artistic work on the steps of Giuliano Mauri.

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QUOTATION GROUPS ( al least. 20 pax)

Quotation per person: 75,00 €
Private quotation on requesti